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About me

Drawing and capturing an idea is directly related to the basic need for self-expression and the desire to communicate a message to others. The artist of whom I speak respects the simple principle of the outline as a method of expression which has been defined for several thousands of years; the technique of one stroke drawing, in some places highlighted and stronger, in the other places thin, slicing the blank white of the paper. Stronger and thinner strokes evoke breathing and rhythm intuitively creating an original composition. This artistic asceticism as used by Michaela Žemličková allows her to handle various topics with a specific personal style. The architecture of the drawing remains the same for figures, portraits or other subjects. What initially draws us into the heart of her drawings is not aggression, forced vulgarity or a desire to shock but the fragile poetics of black and white drawings. Michaela does not need thick, brash layers of colour on a trivially large canvas to find her peace of mind. Her force is in a single stroke made by a pencil, pen or an ink, a natural self-evident stroke like her life. The artist does not deliberately show us the abstract art but instead her stylisation hides the mysterious and dreamlike thought until a second look at the work. When we stop, we find that we can see a landscape of lines and materials that show exactly what the author wants us to see. Michaela always works in the areas she is interested in. She sometimes comes back to her original ideas and refines her artwork as if it were a diamond. Her artwork, if you look at it for a long time, has the ability to imprint itself in the memory and remain there along with the artist, as her unique personality is indisputably reflected in her work. If I had to define Michaela as an artist, I would eference the interpersonal relationship as being the cornerstone of her work. Her observations and society are strongly reflected in her creation, whether sad or happy. She needs to work in a spot which has its own charm, peace and Genius loci. Michaela Žemličková perceives our world better than anyone else because she's a master of observation. The last pillar of her creation is her diligence, a line that must be perfect no matter what. It’s almost as if I can hear her now, saying:

"I will redraw this line, for the hundredth time if necessary, but it must be perfect".

MgA. František Postl